World Knowledge


Olympiad 2017

Date: Thursday, 18 May 2017

Time: 14:00 till 15:15

Closing date: Monday, 17 March 2017


Entries must be posted to Prof. du Plessis on or before the closing date. The Post Office date stamp on the envelope will apply. If problems should arise concerning the closing date, please contact Prof. Nico du Plessis immediately. Please use the original entry form. Schools which enter and have not received the question papers before 19 May, must contact Prof. du Plessis immediately so that the registered number of the set of question papers can be provided. Please send the names of participants to Prof. du Plessis only after the completion of the Olympiad.

Please download the following documents and follow the instructions in the document.

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World Knowledge Olympiad

The World Knowledge Olympiad is for secondary (gr 8 to 12) and primary schools (gr 6 & 7) in South Africa.

The aim of the Olympiad is to test the general knowledge of learners and encourage them to expand it by reading newspapers. Some teachers and learners mistakenly think only top learners may enter. The Olympiad is open to ALL learners.

Each learner that participates in the World Knowledge Olympiad, will receive a certificate. The question paper is in Afrikaans and English.

If a learner is interested to take part please contact a teacher at your school and the teacher must send the name, address, telephone and fax number of the school to Prof Nico du Plessis.

Tel : +27 51 436 4193
Fax : 086 561 0983

The certificates are in Afrikaans and English

Example of certificates


The question paper consists of multiple choice questions. Answers are marked positively. Marks are not deducted for wrong answers. As the name of the Olympiad indicates, the subject is general knowledge. Question Papers are sent to participating schools by registered post. The entry fee covers the question paper, envelopes, stamps, registration, results of the school, prize-winners and memorandum.


The questions on current topics are drawn from newspapers, periodicals e.g. YOU(Media 24), books, radio, TV and encyclopaedias. Approximately one third of the questions are from the main stream newspapers.

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